The Best Tablets For Kitchen Use [Best For Online Recipes]

There are many benefits to cook your favorite dish, but it can also be a time-consuming hobby or career.

Using this consumers guide, you will be able to identify the best tablet for kitchen use. With the help of these excellent tablet computers, cooking has never been easier.

Find the tablet for kitchen use by reading through the reviews below. Many people find tablets helpful in the kitchen because of their love of cooking and baking.

Without needing to use your laptop or print out recipes or lessons, this is a great way to learn new cooking techniques and try new recipes right away.

The greatest kitchen recipe tablets are listed below so that you know exactly what qualities to look for when purchasing one. If you’d like to extend your life, we’ve included some helpful ideas below.

best tablet for kitchen use

Top 10 Best Tablets For Kitchen Use – Online Recipe Tablet

01. Apple iPad Pro – Best Recipe Tablet For Kitchen

Apple iPad Pro - Best Recipe Tablet For Kitchen
  • Screen Size: 12.9 Inches
  • Storage: 256 GB
  • Operating System: iPadOS
  • Camera: 12MP
  • Weight: 1.5 pounds
  • Battery Life: Up to 10 hours

You’ve seen how digital media has evolved through time, and you know what it can do now.

Now, more people than ever before will be able to make use of cutting-edge technology that allows immersive experiences to be projected on large screens or small devices.

This is a great tablet for enjoying a great cooking experience. It has some of the best iPad recipe app.

Customers have complete control over how their apps and data are shared with others, according to the device’s creators.

For natural color matching across wide viewing angles and P3 Wide Color on this large 12.9-inch Liquid Retina touchscreen, 3rd generation True Tone Technology is used.

Everything looks fantastic – even black lettering on white backgrounds. However, if you consider the tablet’s compatibility with your kitchen setting, it has all you need.

There are numerous cooking courses and games available on YouTube that may keep you entertained for days on end using this gadget, which allows you to seek up favorite recipes online or even access digital copies of your favorite cookbooks.

With Siri support and all-day battery life, this tablet’s cut above the rest. You may store anything you want on this gorgeous iPad because it has a 256 GB storage capacity.

There is a 1.41-pound weight to this fantastic iPad’s 11.04 x 8.46 x 0.23-inch size and dimensions.

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  • The display is gorgeous
  • Battery life is good
  • Streaming videos on YouTube is easy
  • Video quality and speed are very fast
  • The contrast ratio is poor
  • The M1 chip is snappy

02. Apple iPad Air – Best Tablet For Kitchen Recipes

Apple iPad Air - Best Tablet For Kitchen Recipes
  • Screen Size: 10.9 Inches
  • Operating System: IOS
  • Chip: A14 Bionic chip
  • Camera: 12MP photos
  • Storage: 64 GB
  • Video: 4K video recording
  • Battery Life: Up to 10 hours
  • Weight: 1.0 pound

There is nothing revolutionary about this new iPad Air on the surface. Compared to other tablets I’ve used, this one is faster, thinner, lighter, and shinier.

However, when combined with the second-generation Apple Pencil, it feels like a completely different experience.

Apart from the ease with which the iPad, iPadOS14, and the Apple Pencil have merged into my workflow, the device’s aesthetics and build quality are both first-rate.

Despite the tablet’s low weight, it is very strong. Even Apple’s marketing photos don’t do it credit when it comes to how slim it is.

It can be a useful tool for cooking word processing, presentation, picture editing, graphic design, and some degree of video editing when it is paired with a wireless keyboard and trackpad.

To be sure, this device has a few shortcomings. These drawbacks, on the other hand, are negligible.

In terms of features, the A14 Bionic CPU built using a 5-nanometer manufacturing technique is the device’s most compelling selling point.

For the near future, the iPad Air 4 might be considered a viable iPad kitchen tablet gadget.

  • The responsiveness of the interface is great
  • Easy to transition and load apps
  • Video resolution is great
  • The CPU is very fast
  • The graphics are beautiful
  • Many apps are hard to set up

03. Fire HD 10 Tablet – Alexa Tablet For Kitchen

Fire HD 10 Tablet - Alexa Tablet For Kitchen
  • Screen size: 10.1”
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1200 Pixels
  • RAM: 2GB
  • Storage: 32GB
  • Rear-facing Camera: 2MP
  • Weight: 17.7 ounces
  • Battery life: Up to 10 hours

Amazon’s Fire HD 10 tablet is an excellent kitchen accessory, especially if you’re looking for a good price-to-performance ratio.

The Fire HD 10 could be the perfect sous chef for you if you don’t just use it in the kitchen. It has a good-sized screen and good processing capability.

The Fire HD 10’s dazzling 10.1-inch display features a reasonable native resolution of 1920 x 1200.

Recipe Videos and photos can be viewed from a wide range of perspectives thanks to this feature.

The tablet is equipped with a Quad-core 1.3GHz CPU and 1GB of RAM and comes in 32GB and 64GB storage capacities.

For the most part, this will be more than suitable for any task in and outside of your kitchen.

Therefore, whether you’re blogging about your sourdough-baking journey, watching Buzz feed’s Tasty recipes, or playing Cooking Mama while waiting for your steaks to marinate, the Fire HD 10 is the perfect device for you.

The inclusion of Alexa on the Fire HD 10 makes it an even better choice than the HD 9.

With just your speech, Alexa will be able to keep timers, convert units, provide recipe suggestions, and even control your kitchen appliances (if you have smart devices) all with just your voice.

The benefit of not having to remove one’s hand from the burner is obvious to any home cook.

Keep in mind, however, that the Amazon products’ catch is that they are linked to Amazon’s store. No Google Play downloads mean that your options for applications will be more limited.

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  • The keyboard case is nice
  • It responds very quickly
  • The screen features are great
  • Surfing the web is easy
  • It is quite unstable
  • The display isn’t great

04. Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ – Digital Cookbook Tablet

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ - Digital Cookbook Tablet
  • Screen Size: 12.4 Inches
  • Resolution: 2800 x 1752 Pixels
  • RAM: 6GB
  • Storage: 128GB
  • Camera: 13 + 5 Megapixels
  • Operating System: Android 10.0
  • Processor: Qualcomm SDM865+ Octa Core
  • Battery Life: Up to 14 hours

The android kitchen tablet form factor hasn’t been embraced by Android to date. There are few options outside of Amazon’s services.

Essentially, Samsung’s Galaxy Tab is the only tablet running the Android OS. The S7 is the latest and greatest version of the Galaxy Tab.

It’s powerful enough to compete with the iPad, has a screen that’s just as sharp and bright, and gets just as much use out of its battery as the iPad does on a single charge.

The S7 has a lot going for it, and it would be my top selection if it weren’t for Android tablets’ Achilles’ heel: software. There aren’t many Android apps that take advantage of the larger form size.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 is the greatest tablet for the kitchen, and it’s the most recent and advanced.

Essentially, it’s an iPad replacement for Android users. There is an eerie resemblance to the iPad Pro.

This tablet has a screen that rivals the iPad in terms of brightness and sharpness, making it a viable alternative to the iPad.

If you’re looking to watch cooking tutorials or recipes on a large screen, this device is the best choice. Like the iPad Pro, it features a long-lasting battery life.

The tablet is the perfect kitchen gadget, allowing you to look for recipes online, watch videos of cooking techniques, and even share your delicious dishes on social media.

Best Tablet Under $150 [Affordable Tablet Under Your Budget]

  • It features a gorgeous screen
  • The audio system is great
  • The tablet is lightweight
  • Streaming videos is bliss with this tablet
  • No option to disable vibrations
  • The price is high

05. Microsoft Surface Pro 7 – Best Tablet For Kitchen Use

Microsoft Surface Pro - Best Tablet For Kitchen Use
  • Display Size: 12.3” PixelSense™ Display
  • Resolution: 2736 x 1824
  • RAM: 4GB, 8GB, or 16GB
  • Storage: 128GB, 256GB or 512GB
  • Operating System: Windows 10
  • Weight: 1.74 lb
  • Battery Life: Up to 10.5 hours

Except for USB-C, the Surface Pro 7 is nearly identical to the Surface Pro 6. You’ll also get better performance and microphones, but you’ll lose battery life.

The Pro 7 is a good hybrid PC, especially for those who have been eagerly awaiting the new port.

The screen is bright, has excellent saturation and color balance, and has ambient light detecting when it becomes dark.

When you click on settings, you may change it for a certain time or it will automatically adjust when the sun sets in your area, which is perfect for your cooking experiments.

There is also a headphone jack. If you’re going to use this to edit videos, this functionality is a necessity.

One of the best features of this tablet is the solid-state drive (SSD). If you must make a choice, always go with an SSD, regardless of the amount of memory you have.

The Surface Pro 7’s kickstand makes it easier to use while traveling. And it has over 180 degrees of stability and a wide variety of angle possibilities.

This free-range technology is still far superior to the hinge used in the initial Surface models, which had a restricted number of set adjustment positions.

This budget tablet has a chipset capable of enforcing Wi-Fi 6 on it. Within the next year, the tablet will have the most up-to-date hardware in this new sector. Means faster uploads and downloads.

In general, this is a dated look with a lot of capability for people who want more than just a generic tablet on the move.

Best Tablet For Video Recording And Taking Photos

  • This is a very solid and sturdy tablet
  • Microphone setup is easy
  • The screen is bright and clear
  • Charging on this device is very fast
  • The keyboard and surface pen are sold separately
  • The battery life isn’t great

06. Lenovo Tab M10 Plus – Best Tablet For Recipes

06. Lenovo Tab M10 Plus - Best Tablet For Recipes
  • Screen Size: 10.3 inches
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1200 pixels
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Storage: 64GB
  • Operating System: Android 9 Pie
  • Processor: Mediatek
  • Weight: 1.01 lbs
  • Battery Life: Up to ‎10 Hours

Featuring a vibrant screen and thin bezels, the Lenovo Tab M10 plus is a stunning tablet. A budget tablet doesn’t even look like one at first glance.

Its 10.3-inch IPS LCD screen makes watching cooking videos on this tablet an enjoyable experience. There are two cameras and two speakers on this device to improve your listening experience.

Because of the 5MP camera that’s situated on top of the device, the Lenovo Tab M10 tablet features a thick top bezel.

The backside is covered with aluminum, which holds an 8MP camera at the upper left of the phone’s screen.

On top of all that, the screen on this tablet is incredibly crisp and clear. My 4k video makes viewing videos a lot more enjoyable than watching TV.

However, the screen’s sharpness and slickness are also impressive. It was a cinch to get apps from Google.

Experian was the only app I had a problem with, but I was able to fix it by going to the Experian website and doing it there.

The cameras work well. I haven’t used them to capture images yet, but from what I’ve seen of the video and how it looks, they’re fantastic.

As far as I can tell, images will look great on this tablet, which is a wonderful benefit. Because of this, this tablet is great for watching cookery tutorials.

Zoom and any other camera-streaming app can also be used to broadcast video. It’s simple and effective. This is the genuine deal when it comes to tablets.

  • The bezels are slim
  • Its body is metallic and sturdy
  • Dual speakers provide great sound quality
  • Enables a nice viewing experience
  • Android OS is backdated
  • Battery life isn’t good

07. Microsoft Surface Go – Best Kitchen Tablet For Online Recipes

Microsoft Surface Go - Best Kitchen Tablet For Online Recipes
  • Display Size: 10″ Touchscreen PixelSense
  • Resolution: 1800 x 1200 Pixels
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • Storage: 128 GB
  • Operating System: Windows 10 S
  • Weight: 1.15 lbs
  • Battery Life: Up to 9 hours

If you only need a kitchen touch screen tablet for light work and can live with a 10-inch screen, you’ll adore this one.

Alternatively, maybe you’re looking for a tablet that can do more than just that. I like the idea of a device that you can take with you everywhere you go and use in all of your cooking activities.

In terms of skills, I’ve dabbled in cooking videos, movies, painting, basic photo editing, and social networking.

No, the device isn’t blazingly fast, and it doesn’t need to be either. It rarely takes more than a few seconds to start programs, but if you’re used to a faster desktop or laptop, you’ll notice.

Video clips of food preparation could be watched without interruption. This high-gloss display is stunning, and images and videos appear fantastic.

Naturally, some front-firing speakers sound nice but aren’t much better than the average smartphone speaker.

In addition, there are no fans or spinning disks here, and the device rarely feels hot to the touch.

Here, you can do just about anything that you can do on a standard Windows 10 PC. Its portability, however, is what sets it apart from other computers in terms of flexibility.

It’s a no-brainer for me to have the add-on keyboard. Using good, strong magnets, it attaches in a snap.

Although the keys are small, having a full keyboard with backlighting in this physical factor is a wonderful experience. They are considered superior to typing on the computer screen.

Even though it looks like a gigantic trackpad on the laptop, it’s a positive thing. It responds quickly and has a satisfying click sound.

It’s light, robust, entirely silent, elegant, and delivers a desktop experience. With the Surface Pro in mind, this will be even more exciting and delightful to you.

  • It gives a desktop feel
  • The body is sturdy and solid
  • Downloading multiple videos is easy
  • Setting up is quite easy
  • The glossy screen is beautiful
  • The keys are small
  • Performance is slow

08. Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite – Electronic Recipe Device

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite - Electronic Recipe Device
  • Screen Size: 10.4 inches
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1200 pixels
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Storage: 128GB
  • Processor: Exynos 9611
  • Operating System: Android 10
  • Weight: 1.01 pounds
  • Battery Life: Up to 13 hours

You get a lot of tablets for your money with this one, especially considering the price. Although it is not an OLED, its display nevertheless manages to impress.

You don’t have to give up much when comparing it to the Tab S4 in terms of performance when held side-by-side.

As far as color accuracy and vibrancy go, LCD and OLED are head-to-head in a head-to-head battle that comes down to personal preference.

Compared to an OLED screen, the Tab S6 Lite’s display is nearly identical. There is no discernible difference in the quality of images or movies between this tablet and any other tablet.

Because of the TFT Screen, there isn’t a particularly bright white appearance to the display. Despite this, I was struck by how vibrant the colors are in the image.

In addition, YouTube videos were extremely clear and spanned the entire screen, making it simple to find new recipes to try in the kitchen.

There are various features on the S Pen that I find appealing. No lagging or stuttering when using the S Pen on the Galaxy S5.

There’s also no risk of damaging your screen. Simply place the S Pen on the right side of the tablet, about a quarter-inch away, to get things started with the pen.

One speaker is located on each side of the tablet, and the sound quality is excellent. Even at high volumes, the stereo sound is pleasant because of the good separation.

This tablet is lightning-fast and free of latency or freezing. The battery is non-removable and does not overheat even while downloading programs, playing videos, and so forth.

Normal use is between 80 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit, and after installing apps or watching videos, the temperature can rise to 90 degrees for a brief period before dropping back to 80 to 85 again.

A solid Android alternative to the iPad that will also save you some money is what I’d suggest, all things considered.

  • Screen resolution and sharpness are great
  • The S pen is easy to use
  • The bezels are very slim
  • The responsiveness of the tablet is great
  • Provides great internal storage
  • The desktop features aren’t available on this tablet
  • Don’t have so many upgraded features

09. Google Pixel Slate – Google Assistant Activated Tablet For Kitchen

Google Pixel Slate - Google Assistant Activated Tablet For Kitchen
  • Screen Size: 12.3 Inches
  • Resolution: ‎3000 x 2000
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • Storage: 64 GB
  • CPU: 8th Gen Intel Core m3 processor
  • Operating System: Chrome OS
  • Battery Life: Up to 10 hours
  • Weight: 1.59 pounds

If you’re looking for a tablet with a wide range of useful capabilities, this one is a must-have accessory.

Some apps just don’t function properly when used in tablet mode. A dedicated Back and Home button would be acceptable for some.

A brief reboot is required to get out of these actions because certain apps don’t offer the OS enough room.

Therefore, while I don’t use all of the apps I have for Android, most of them work flawlessly on Slate.

This tablet offers a slew of fantastic features that make it ideal for enhancing your culinary adventures.

This device has a brilliant screen; however, it may struggle in direct sunlight due to its low brightness.

For use in bright sunshine, I have a Kindle. I’m testing out some anti-glare protectors to help with stage lighting because it’s so reflective.

This operating system is also fast for me. With Android and Linux apps running, it is incredibly quick.

Multitasking is a breeze because of the quick startup of apps. Chrome OS’s configuration options are rather basic. Things aren’t that flexible.

You can’t set a timer to turn the screen off. It is possible to override some of the defaults using extensions and flags in Chrome.

I was very happy with Google kitchen assistant performance on this gadget.

When I don’t have the keyboard attached, I find it easier to open apps and web pages with the Assistant than if I had it connected. Finding papers in Drive is also something I value greatly.

Everything about this kitchen device is fantastic. It’s a little too big for casual tablet use, but I’m adapting to it.

I have no regrets about my purchase. To be honest, I’m rather delighted even with the M3 processor itself.

  • The build quality is great
  • The screen is bright
  • Compatible with Google keyboard
  • Features Google assistant for great performance
  • It is expensive
  • The display can shut down all of a sudden

10. ZONKO K105 – Dedicated Kitchen Tablet

ZONKO K105 - Dedicated Kitchen Tablet
  • Screen Size: 10.1 Inches
  • Resolution: 1280×800
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • Storage: 32 GB
  • Operating System: Android
  • Battery Life: Up to 8 hours
  • Weight: 1.76 lbs

Anywhere you go, you may keep playing your favorite multimedia apps on your kitchen tablets.

The Zonko 10 inch tablet is powered by the Android 9.0 operating system and four highly efficient 1.3 GHz Quad-Core processors, resulting in a smooth and quick multimedia gaming experience.

You can save all your favorite games and programs on the big 128 GB expandable storage. Install as many apps and games as you desire because the Google play store is pre-loaded on the tab.

If you want to watch recipe videos offline, this is a fantastic app. You can store a variety of cooking videos that enhance your expertise in the kitchen.

You may be concerned about data privacy and security if you have loaded multimedia games and mobile apps.

Do not be alarmed; Google Mobile Service (GMS) is here to keep your data private and to facilitate safe browsing.

As long as you have 2pcs phone cards, you’ll never be disconnected from mobile networks, so you can always make phone calls or send texts, even if you don’t have access to Wi-Fi.

The Zonko tab can run numerous functions simultaneously, such as games, movies, and browsing; you may enjoy everything simultaneously.

  • Runs multiple apps at a time
  • Great expandable memory
  • Shooting videos is easy
  • No time lag, provide fast performance
  • The camera resolution is weak

What Do You Do With Your Tablet in The Kitchen?

Many people have outdated electronic devices gathering dust in a desk drawer.

As a dedicated hub for the kitchen, I’ve found a tablet to be useful. It’s amazing how much better I’ve been able to cook, as a result of this one change.

The internet offers a treasure trove of recipes, making your phone the best cookbook in the world.

The print cookbook, on the other hand, is far more convenient. You’re chopping onions and the screen goes dark while you’re going through the ingredients and steps to prepare the dish.

There are several ways to make this experience better, but the one that has had the largest impact on my life is using an old tablet as an internet-connected cookbook.

Under-cabinet mounting of the screen makes it even better for reading recipes.

How Do I Make a Recipe on My Tablet?

Systematic cooking instructions from your Google Assistant can help you find and make the recipes you love.

Following your recipe selection, your Assistant will begin scanning the items. Then, your Assistant reads the instructions step-by-step.

You can ask your Assistant to do a variety of things, such as repeat steps, set a timer, or convert teaspoons to tablespoons.

On your smart display and in the Google app for Android, you can access the recipes that you’ve stored in this way.

To get to the recipes you’ve saved in your Google app collection. At Google Collections, you can also find all of your saved recipes on the web.

Frequently Asked Question

Is the iPad good for recipes?

When it comes to cooking tablets, Apple has the upper hand. Hardware from Apple is better: more durable, faster, and with better screens.

Android’s software choices pale insignificance compared to Apple’s. I’ve been testing tablets in my kitchen for several years and have concluded that iPads are the greatest option for most individuals both inside and outside the kitchen.

How do you hang a tablet in the kitchen?

When you’re not in the kitchen, the command hooks can be hidden inside the cabinet where your tablet is mounted. It’s easy to turn a tablet into the centerpiece of your kitchen with the Kitchen Mount Stand.

How do I keep my iPad clean in the kitchen?

Buying a kitchen-specific iPad case may not be necessary, but leaving it uncovered on your counter isn’t a good idea either, as it’s more likely to be damaged by splashes and spills.

In the absence of a tablet stands for kitchen or case that includes an iPad stand, you can use a coat hanger to make an iPad stand.

Last Verdict

It’s best to go for a tablet if you only sometimes use the virtual assistant, but prefer a screen and a gadget that you can take with you.

If you have a Bluetooth speaker or smart speaker in your kitchen, you may use one of these tablets to play music. My best tablet for kitchen use is the new iPad Air from Apple.

If you’re searching for an iPad that can perform all you need in the kitchen, go no further than this stripped-down version.

Look up recipes, open a digital copy of your favorite cookbook, watch culinary demonstrations on YouTube, and use voice-activated technologies to ask cooking queries and play music.

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