4 Things You Can Do With a Drawing Tablet

You’re here to know about a drawing tablet and hope everyone knows that what can it do from its name. The specialty of a drawing tablet is that it’s mainly used for drawing purposes.

A drawing tablet is able to draw on a computer, tablet even on a smartphone. Besides drawing, other jobs are also can be done with a drawing tablet, lets have information about the uses of a drawing tablet.

Things You Can Do With a Drawing Tablet

What Are The Uses of Drawing Tablets?

A drawing tablet has many uses besides drawing, so knowing about the uses of drawing tablets will be a plus point for the worth your money. So let’s have a look at the uses of a drawing tablet.


The first use of this tablet is drawing. Usually, we know that people used to draw on paper with different types of pencils, pens, and markers but drawing tablets offer only the tablet display as paper and the stylus is like a pencil for drawing.

In a drawing tablet, you’ll get 10-20 nibs as a user need to change the thickness of the lines on the drawing. There are other shortcut keys and options available in a drawing tablet for useful being which isn’t available in traditional drawing.

Graphic Designing

A drawing tablet can be used in graphic designing, you can do your job smoothly on your graphic designing software.

The surface of the tablet and stylus will make you feel easier than a mouse to do a design, actual lines and shapes can be ensured without much hassle, so time will be saved.

Photo Editing

Today’s world is surrounded by social media and each media has photo uploading options and besides it, photographers are also want to make their photos nicer than before and a drawing tablet can do the best in this stage.

By using a drawing tablet on photo editing, photos can be present as accurately as you want by cloning away blemishes and imperfections.


Writing on electric media is now easy through a drawing tablet, now students can use this tablet for writing like real on their PC, tablets, and in their smartphones. Besides study, businessmen use a drawing tablet for signing on their business deals.

Are Drawing Tablets Only For Graphic Designing?

Everyone gives priority to a drawing tablet for graphic designing but the real fact is that besides designing, it can do more.

It’s true that a drawing tablet is best for doing graphic designing and designers enjoy it for this purpose.

On the other hand, the artist who does sketching gets the real effect from it, the businessmen and the students are also can use it for their business and studies. So it’s clear that a drawing tablet is not only for graphic designing.

The Uses of Drawing Tablet Outbox of Designing

People think drawing tablets are only for design purposes but it has numerous uses too, we need to think forward for new experiences.

A drawing tablet can be used for business purposes, teachers and students can use it for writing, taking notes, for government online signatures drawing tablet is the best option. So think out of the box what you have and explore what can it do, do better & get better.

The Comparison of Mouse and Drawing Tablet

The mouse and drawing tablet used to do the pointing the jobs we need to do but between them have differences, you should know to consider which is useful to your work.

  1. A mouse is cheaper than a drawing tablet.
  2. A mouse is just for select and going for the job while a drawing tablet can do more than clicks and pointing, like drawing and writing.
  3. In drawing, you can’t get actual precision on drawing by using a mouse but a drawing tablet can do it smoothly and also it effective for saving time.
  4. You want a real-life experience of drawing by using a mouse but won’t happen with it but it can be possible by a drawing tablet like real paper and pen.
  5. The health issue is a serious matter for being healthy but spending lots of time with a mouse can be because of repetitive stress injuries and carpal tunnel syndrome, this problem can be avoided by a drawing tablet.

Types of Drawing Tablet

Digitizer Drawing Tablet

This type of tablet doesn’t have any monitor, it offers only the surface to draw but the output can only be seen on the screen you’ve connected with it like a computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Display Drawing Tablet

This type of tablet can use directly as it has its own display. Every stroke of your pen can be seen under your pen like real paper, it can connect with a computer too.

Tablet PC

Tablet PC is new on the market, these computers come with a touch screen and support pen pressure sensitivity, so it can be used as a drawing tablet too.

Is a Drawing Tablet Complex or Easy to Use?

Well, it’s up to a user, you may find some loves to use pencil on the paper for sketching and some are going for pens. Here you can use a mouse or tablet, using a tablet is so easy if you get used to it someday.

It helps to increase productivity through the shortcut keys, pen, and having a real-life experience is the main key for easily using a drawing tablet.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why do people use drawing tablets?

People use drawing tablets for graphic designing, photo editing, writing like a real pen and paper. It helps them to do well in their jobs by giving actual precision and also helps to save valuable times of their life.

Is it necessary to use a drawing tablet?

It’s not necessary to use a drawing tablet, a mouse can be used instead of a drawing tablet but drawing tablets are made for giving actual lines, controlling, and precision on drawing.

Are drawing tablet and graphic tablet has differences?

They are quite similar in their jobs but the main difference is a drawing tablet has a display and a graphic tablet doesn’t have it, though everything gets changing as people used to connect both of them with their PC, and point of view lies in the same line.

Bottom Line

There are many things we know and we reflect them on our uses and if we try more to know about them, we can use them which will be more worthy of their prices and our efforts, here is the same at drawing tablet. So if you have the opportunity, must get the point to do what you hadn’t done before with your drawing tablet.

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