Should I Get an iPad For Nursing School?

Most of the students from Nursing school ask if they should buy an iPad for nursing school. It’s a needy question for their better performances in their academic life and here I’m putting some point on that hopefully it’ll clear everything about getting an iPad for Nursing school.

So, should you get an iPad for nursing school?

In short, Yes. You can get an iPad for nursing school with a lot of functionality. A traditional tablet comes with limited functionality whether a laptop or iPad comes with a bunch of functions. But, if you can afford a laptop, that will be more beneficial for your nursing school.

The Pros and Cons of iPad for Nursing school will clear everything shortly, so take a look if everything is here or not.

Should I Get an iPad for Nursing School

Pros About iPad For Nursing School

Easy to Take Notes

You’re a student and you just need to take down Notes for doing well in the exams and to remember them later.

During the past, students used to take notes on paper but now everything has changed and students moved to take laptops and after that, they’re now fond of tablets for taking notes.

It’s easy to take notes on an iPad in different ways and the Stylus of the iPad will help you to do that like a normal pen and paper.

There are many dedicated Apps available on the Apple App store to make the process easier and you can track them easily.

Recording Class or Notes

The iPad comes with a built-in mic, so you can record the class and can repeat it at your home, that makes sure the whole class is noiseless and of course, before doing that not forget to take permission from your class teacher.

Reading E-books

You don’t need to carry books in your backpack and you’ll be hassle-free from carrying books in your bag.

You can buy your digital textbooks and can read them on your tablet, textbook other books can be read on that. A lot of books on a tablet are just amazing and you can find them easily.

Keep Notes & Documents in an Organized Way

You’ve to take lots of notes and documents in each class and they must be saved in an organized way otherwise you may fail to find them when you need them and as an iPad user, you’ll be lucky that this tablet has some note-taking apps.

The apps of note-taking will offer you to separate them as categories, can tag them and some have search options too.

Easy to Carry & Hold

A tablet is easier to carry and hold than a laptop or a book. The iPad is designed to be slimmer and lighter to carry.

You can take it anywhere and can go through your notes like in a public library or in a public place. Your study time won’t be wasted. You’ll be free from taking heavy stuff from your backpack.

Nothing be Lost From Your iPad

I’m sure you’re a good person for taking care of your accessories but by chance, if your tablet is lost, no need to worry about losing your notes, textbooks, and documents.

You just need to backup everything to your iCloud account, and after losing it buy a new one and re-enter your old iCloud and download everything that you’ve needed.

One thing is that the iPad has a strong security system, so you can be cool about your data.

The Alternative of a PC

You can do most of your work on an iPad that needs to be done on a PC. If you can do in a tab what you need then don’t need to go for a laptop. You can use a keyboard with your iPad which will expand your writing capabilities.

Compatible With External Accessories

The iPad is compatible with needy external accessories for improving your productivity on time and studies. It’s supported by a Magic Mouse/ USB mouse/ Bluetooth mouse so you can scroll, click like a PC.

The Apple Pencil is available for new iPads that will let you write like a pen and you can also use an external keyboard with your iPad. So you can understand that it’s a complete package for doing everything in your study.

Save Money

The iPad can be used as a laptop, so here you can save your money. I mean lots of work from your nursing school can be done easily on that. You can save money from buying digital books except for physical books, and also you won’t need to pay for pen & paper too.

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Cons About iPad For Nursing School

Side by Side Layout

You must connect important notes side by side, it’ll help you to find out the notes according to one page after another. There are some options available for that but some won’t give you this program to do the job smoothly.

It’s like you can place your notes according to pages on hard paper but in the note, it’ll be difficult.

Takes Too Much Time For Customization

You’re on a physical textbook and want to highlight some lines on it. For that you just need a pen-like yellow to highlight the line but on an iPad, you can’t do that easily.

The apps you’ll use have lots of customization options and if you’re poor at customizing then it’ll take a huge time and it’s a loss of time for study.

Tech Problems

The iPad is an electronic gadget and it’s not 100% perfect. In fact, in this world, nothing is properly perfect for this issue you may face some problems though you can fix them you can’t ignore the issues.

It can’t Replace a Computer

There are plenty of apps that need to be used in your daily life or in your studies and for that PC is the right solution. You may use the tablets on that but the proper performances and smooth uses can’t be fully filled with an iPad.

A huge number of applications need to be set up as a traditional version and finally, it’s true that a laptop can’t be replaced by a Tablet, it won’t matter how high configuration your tab has got.

Power Issue

Tablet is an electrical device which needs a power source and it comes from its battery and gets power supply from electricity. For that, you’ve to spend a few hours recharge the battery and after running out of battery the tablet gets off immediately.

On the other hand, pen and paper don’t have any issue like that 24×7 any time you can use them and can complete your course easily.

The iPad has got a powerful battery, it is able to backup 10-12 hours but the true fact is that batteries have a lifetime.

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Why iPad is Perfect For Nursing School?

  1. The new iPad Pro has longer battery life than a laptop, you can run a tablet 2 or 3 times more than a laptop, and it’s more than enough during your classes.
  2. The iPad uses an Apple M1 chip with an 8-core CPU which is a perfect processor for delivering 3.5x faster responses on each work you’ll do.
  3. It has powerful RAM and if you buy a higher RAM size it’ll be like a super speedy tech that is able to run lots of apps and multitasking can be done smoothly.
  4. The retina display will show everything to your eyes like a real-life experience.
  5. iPad is easier to use in your nursing life, everything will be in this so your study will be easier than before.
  6. It’s a compatible device that is ready to serve you with iCloud, google drive, lots of apps are on the Apple store for study purposes you can use them.
  7. It’s easier to learn with an iPad while a Macbook is slightly harder to do that and accessing & organizing reading/note apps are also so easy.
  8. The iPad is what a nursing student is looking for. You can carry all your notes and books on it, thus your backpack will be weightless and you can use it as a library. Thousands of books can easily carry on it besides that cloud storage is also effective in this process.
  9. The students can take notes but sometimes notes aren’t enough to clear everything and for that iPad is able to record your classes.
  10. It’s a secure one that’ll keep safe everything on it, your book or pen may be lost but if the apple iPad get lost you can get everything from cloud backup.

The Best iPad For Nursing School

Best For Nursing School: Apple iPad Pro

Apple iPad Pro is the latest iPad tablet and as it’s the latest one, that’s why every new updated feature got it by birth. It’s the best one for nursing students and it’s able to sync with your iPhone, Apple Watch, and Mac computer, you can transfer every data from these devices to your iPad Pro and can use them when you need.

You can get next-level performances with M1 chips and 11-inches of Retina display with ProMotion and P3 wide color will let you enjoy it clearly for reading and writing.

Real-life experience is necessary to grow the best in tech and that’s why you can use the Apple Pencil for writing like a real pen on the screen and can take notes easily, besides that you can use a keyboard and mouse too with it.

Apple iPad Pro - Best iPad For Nursing School

The dual true depth camera will let you take pictures of your notes and record the classes easily. The study will be comfortable and results are also if you can use them properly.

Best iPad For Nursing Students: Apple iPad Air

Apple iPad Air - best ipad for nursing students

The iPad Air is a mid-range tablet from Apple and it’s a lower price than the Pro. When you’re looking for an iPad then this stunning beauty in 10.9 inches can be the right choice for your studies.

A powerful processor is a must for studies as one student need to use lots of learning apps and they also need some recreational apps to keep their mind healthy, this one got an A14 Bionic chip with the neural engine which will let you use multiple apps at the same time and you play high-end games on it too.

External accessories can be applied like the Apple magic keyboard and mouse thus your speed will be up. Secure authentication is a must for the best security of your iPad and it is ensured by Apple Touch ID, you can also use this iPad as a wallet through Apple Pay.

Best iPad For School Notes: Apple iPad Mini

If you’re looking for a small tablet for nursing school from Apple which is easy to carry and full of needy features for nursing school then the iPad Mini is for you. This giant of features comes with only 7.9 inches across the body, which means it’s a perfect mini pack for your school.

This mini pack is able to run by Apple Pencil, so you can write with it and take notes for later. Besides that, you can make sketches of different nursing tools, diagrams of procedures, and more. The retina display will show everything clearly on the display, take the snaps of your classes and you can write notes over the pictures you’ve taken with this iPad.

It’s a lower price tablet from the iPad and has enough features with an A12 Bionic chip and neural engine to continue your nursing school sessions, so you can buy this if you don’t have issues with the small display.

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Apple iPad Mini - Best iPad For Nursing School
Can the iPad replace a laptop for nursing school?

Yes, if your motive is just for nursing school then you can use it without any worry but if you’ve to use a device for educational and other purposes then you should invest in a single project and should go for a laptop.

Is getting an iPad for nursing school worth it?

Getting an iPad for nursing school is 100% worth the money and for the studies. Whatever a student needs in a device for studies you’ll have everything in an iPad. If you don’t feel comfortable with the first impression, don’t worry you will after some days, just need to use it.

How many GB do I need on my iPad for nursing school?

If you’re talking about RAM then 4GB is okay and if you’re talking about storage, then it should be at least 64 GB. Apple offers iCloud for you and you can use your iCloud storages too. If you put only your books and notes in it then less storage is enough.

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