Reasons Why Tablets Should be Used in Schools | Advantages & Disadvantages

People are surrounded by the new technologies that are used to make their life easier and tablet is one of them.

Nowadays, students get used to tablets for their better academic performances from lower to higher classes.

In school, tablets can be an alternative to books, pens, and paper. Here you may be concerned about the demerits of tablets in studies but you can’t deny that they’re already using tabs, phones, and PC.

So why not a tablet for study? Here in this article, you’ll know about the reasons why tablets should be used in schools.

Everyone should go with the flow by adapting the good ones for exact shine in life.

Reasons Why Tablets Should be Used in Schools

Are Tablets Good For School?

School life is the first stage of education and the use of this life should be perfect for a student. Everything has merits and demerits effects on our life for that reason, choice and uses depends on us. 

Here, I want to say tablets are good for the school because of their numerous uses. Tablets can be utilized as books, pens, papers and there are huge resources that can get through the internet for better studies. I can say it’s all-in-one. 

So when will you get your tablet for school?

Advantages of Using Tablets in the Classroom

There are many advantages that can be gained by using a tablet and they are:

  1. You can have all your textbooks in one place on the tablet, and you don’t need to carry a huge weight of physical books.
  2. Instantly can take notes on the tablet-like pen and paper and can organize them.
  3. You can take snaps of the teacher’s lectures on the board, so you can save your time.
  4. Tablet can be used for recording the whole lectures and can be used after the class to clear your issues.
  5. Tablets can be used in online classes, during periods of pandemics.

So having a tablet for school isn’t for in vain, take the advantage of it and establish a secure result.

Disadvantages of Tablets Over Textbooks

Here we are talking about tablets for school students, besides of their minor age there are other disadvantages of tablets in schools and they are:

  1. Children are fond of technology and their age is minor. They can’t guide themselves to harmful things, they may spend lots of time on the internet, playing video games on tablets, and more.
  2. A tablet isn’t as cheap as a textbook, so if it gets broken or lost it’ll cost more, children may not be able to take care of it.
  3. Textbooks never freeze but a tablet can be hacked by the hacker or it may get cracked and need lots of money to repair.
  4. For proper use of a tablet, it needs wi-fi or cellular networks to connect with the internet and it’s costly.
  5. Spending lots of time on the screen of the tablet may lead a student to eyestrain, headaches, and blurred vision.

How Can a Tablet Help a Student in School?

The school students are minor with their age and they need to be motivated to study properly. In that case, a tablet can help a student to be well in studies.

By using tablets, they can get out of traditional systems and they’ll easily be motivated to use the tablet and can focus on studies accurately.

When they don’t need to carry huge stuff in their backpack and can get everything in their tablet, they can get more knowledge with the help of the internet out of the class and will feel better to do better.

The positive effect of the tablet for communication with teachers and classmates is also helpful for the students in school.

Tablets vs Textbooks

There are many differences between a tablet and textbooks, here tablets are used for study purposes. 

The main difference between them is that textbooks are physical books and tablet carries E-Books.

The other differences are you can’t take notes and write on books (maybe little) but a tablet offers to write notes as paper and let it to keep an organized way.

The tablet can carry lots of books even you can read online but textbooks have a limitation. Along with that, a tablet needs battery juice to survive but a textbook doesn’t need it.

Whatever the differences between tablets and textbooks, both of them can be used for reading and which one you’re using just concentrate on your study, it is the better way beyond two of them.

Pros and Cons of Tablets in the School


  1. A tablet can carry all the books you need in the class, all in one.
  2. Tablets can be used as a notebook to write in classes.
  3. Tablets come with a camera and microphone, so it’s able to record the classes.
  4. You can take snaps of what your teacher writes on the board. If you’re slow, it will be helpful.
  5. Tablet can be used as a mobile phone to communicate with the teacher and classmates, it’s best for group studies and gets attached to all of them.


  1. A tablet is a costly device for school students.
  2. Students can be distracted from their studies by wasting time on unnecessary things like gaming, watching videos on the tablet.
  3. School students are minors at their age to handle a tablet, so they can get lost or damage it.
  4. Using tablets in the classroom may make students lazier than before, they think they can take notes at home, and thus they’re getting away from study.
  5. A tablet needs a power source that needs a huge capacity of the battery and a plug-in to the student’s desk which may lead to a short circuit.

Pros and Cons of Textbooks in the School


  1. Textbooks are designed nicely by the experts and they offer particular updates on important topics which help students to learn the books easily.
  2. A textbook is cheaper to buy, even if it can continue for many years and can be bought second-hand too.
  3. Textbooks can be underlined on important lines with the help of a pen and also can write notes on them.
  4. Textbooks help to teach the learning of the curriculum in a particular subject, thus a teacher can easily get the point of what they need in the study.
  5. Textbooks are the right books for the students to develop their education through the right path.


  1. Only textbooks can’t explore the student’s outer knowledge.
  2. There are many topics available in the textbooks that aren’t understood by the students. 
  3. Some textbooks weigh much more than a student carries and it hurts them.
  4. Students get worried about finishing their topics and they assume the topics as a collection of facts and figures.
  5. Students only think about the correct answers and they don’t want to learn from deep in the book as it is only for exams.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

What are the positive effects of using tablets in school?

The positive effect of using a tablet in the schools is that the students can get all the books on one device, they don’t need to carry a huge backpack and are also able to explore their knowledge from the internet.

Getting connected with the entire classroom even from home is also a great part of a tablet.

Why are iPads useful in the classroom?

The iPad is very useful for the classroom because of its best features. It offers iCloud to surf on it if you get lost, crystal clear video recording, and noiseless voice recording.

Gets the right video recording for after classes and above all metallic body and best security won’t let down a student.

Can I use a tablet for online classes?

Yes, you can use your tablet for online classes. For that, you’ll need an internet connection over Wi-Fi or a cellular connection which suits you most.

Get connected through the internet and install the apps which your teacher and be attentive to your online classes.

Final Words

Let’s not make it difficult to have a tablet for school students or not, just make sure study is going on perfectly as students should do.

Also, keep in mind, this is a smart era and you can’t ignore it. We should teach students that they should be aware of their responsibility towards education.

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