E-reader vs Tablet: Which Should You Buy? [Pros & Cons]

You are probably looking for an e-reader or tablet, but want to know the difference between them and which will suit you before you make a purchase.

Well, here in this article, you will get a clear idea about which device is best for reading books, and articles and why.

E-reader vs Tablet: Which Should You Buy?

An e-reader is known as an electronic book reader that is almost similar to a tablet. On the other hand, a tablet is a touch screen device that is designed to do all kinds of things that a smartphone can do.

The common thing between e-readers and tablets is that they both have the ability to store e-books. Otherwise, they are quite different from one another.

People are opting for e-books when they are on vacation or traveling.

Even, those who love reading paper books or newspapers, prefer to use an e-reader or tablet as they are portable and can store tons of books in a thin device.

Should You Buy an E-reader or a Tablet?


An e-reader is designed only to keep the concept in mind to download and display e-books. It comes with a matte non-glare screen to make reading books easy even in bright sunlight.

Also, many e-readers on the market today are waterproof. That lets you read anywhere in wet weather or even in the bath.

If you love to read ebooks anywhere in wet conditions or at the beach, the e-reader could be the best option for you. Also, it releases your worries about getting wet in water.

As the e-readers come with a touchscreen, you simply need to tap on the screen to turn on the page. Besides, some e-readers have a ‘Home’ button too that lets you go to the main menu with one press.

The exceptional feature of an e-reader is the one-tap definition finder. While you are reading e-books on your device, you may face unfamiliar words. Just tap on it, and it will show the definition of the word.

The great thing about the e-reader is that you can adjust the font size if you struggle to read small prints. Besides that, many e-readers let you change font styles that make you comfortable while reading e-books.

Besides reading e-books, many e-readers also support audiobooks too. That makes it easy to continue reading or listening to books when you’re busy with your tasks.

Pros of E-reader

Non-Glare Screen

E-readers come with a matt finish non-glare screen that reduces glare from the sunlight sources and makes it easier to read e-books through the e-reader.

On the other hand, most tablets come with a backlit screen having a glass-like finish, which makes reading more difficult in bright light including sunlight, and puts strain on the eyes.

The Winner: Kobo Clara HD

Small and Lightweight

Most E-readers are lighter and in portable size than standard tablets. They are more comfortable to hold in your hand for a long time and are as portable as they can slip into your small bag or into your pocket.

The Winner: Kindle Oasis

Great Battery Life

As an E-reader is used only for reading e-books, it can provide an impressive battery life. You will get a long battery life with heavy use.

You can get up to one month of battery life with only a one-time charge that a tablet cannot provide ever.

The Winner: Kindle Paperwhite

More Affordable

E-readers come in at a lower price than the standard tablet. You can get a standard e-book reader or Kindle for less than $150. You can even pick up a good e-reader for only $100, which is not possible in terms of a tablet.

Of course, there are some pricey e-readers in the market but they also provide tons of extra features that you cannot find in a lower-price e-reader.

The Winner: Kobo Clara HD

Cons of E-reader

Smaller Screen

Most people like to read on a larger screen. But e-readers come with a maximum screen size of 7-inches. That is not a good sign for some people who like the big screen.

On the other hand, tablets can be as large as 14-inches across, which is easier and more comfortable than regular e-readers.

Black and White Screen

Most e-readers in the market still have a black and white mode screen. Though it’s good to read regular black and white books, it’s not a perfect device if you want to read magazines or books that come with illustrations or images.

While we are talking about the screen, some e-readers in the market come with screen colors that are best for reading magazines. But they are pricier than the regular e-readers.

Fewer Functions

We already say that e-readers are only for reading books. If you only want to read books without doing anything else, they are definitely the best choices for you.

But if you want a device that lets you watch videos, surf the internet, take photos and store them, and download apps, a tablet is the best option for you instead of an e-reader.

Thus, e-reader provides fewer functions and tools compared to tablet devices.


Tablet is a hugely popular device that comes with a touch screen and is designed to do all the things that you can do with your smartphone.

Whether you can only read books on an e-reader or on a tablet, you can browse the web, watch videos, download files, play games, have a call with your friend, check emails, and so on.

Normally, tablets come with touch screen devices to operate them. But some tablets come with a detachable keyboard that lets you navigate easily.

Even, the tablet also comes with a minimum of one camera (the maximum comes with two cameras, the front and the rear) that lets you take photos and videos.

And obviously, it has a minimum of storage to store your files and other things.

Pros of Tablet

Bigger Screen

It is easy to read books on a bigger screen and also most people like them. Here, the screen of the tablet is bigger compared with an e-reader.

Normally the tablet comes with a screen size of 7-inches to a maximum of 14-inches. That is good enough to read books comfortably.

Available Tons of Apps

Want to read or watch on your tablet? Or, do you need to browse the internet? It would help if you did all these things. Yes, if you want to do anything, you need to use the related apps that have stores on the internet.

If you’re using an iPad, you need to use the Apple App Store to find your desired app and for Android OS, you can see that in Google Play Store. There are tons of free apps to use on your tablet according to your needs.

More Functions

Tablet is like a small computer that comes with a touchscreen to navigate instead of using a keyboard and mouse. It comes with a lot of functionality.

You can do anything that you do on a regular computer. You can use a tablet to read books, watch videos, use social media, and download.

Cons of Tablets

Less Affordable

Tablet is more costly than an e-reader. Why not, the tablet provides tons of features and it comes with additional hardware. It’s also true that there have some high-end e-readers and their price is also higher comparatively.

You cannot get an average-performing tablet with a budget of $200 whether it’s easy to grab an e-reader with this price.

Havier in Weight

In terms of weight, a tablet is heavier than an e-reader. It comes with a larger screen and some additional hardware.

If you suffer from wrist strain or have problems holding heavier objects, then you may feel uncomfortable reading ebooks on your tablet.

Final Words

Well, we have summed up the pros and cons of both e-readers and tablets individually. Surely, both devices are really good. But, if you want only one device, then which one should pick? Well, it totally depends on how you want to use your device.

If you’re looking for a portable device with a stellar battery for reading e-books, then an e-reader is the best option for you.

These devices are designed to read books for a long period of time with long battery life. Also, they are lightweight and cheaper than a tablet.

On the other hand, if you want a device that can perform like a portable computer along with reading ebooks, then go for a tablet.

Now it’s your turn. What do you think? Which device are you willing to pick? Let us know in the comment box below.

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