Do You Need a Graphics Tablet For 3D Modeling? Here’s The Answer

The need for a graphics tablet depends on your use. Actually, 3D modeling can be done by a mouse too but if you want perfect precision, accuracy, and control for digital sculpting then you should have a graphics tablet.

So it’s not mandatory but you should buy a graphics tablet for 3D modeling to have perfection.

Do You Need a Graphics Tablet For 3D Modeling

What is 3D Modeling and Design?

Here 3D means Three Dimensions, this process is used to make a physical image in computers which is developed by mathematical coordination.

The 3D modeling and design are created by the software to manipulate edges, vertices, and polygons of objects to give it a real look, that’s why it’s called 3D design.

Do You Really Need a Graphics Tablet For 3D Animation?

No, you don’t need a graphics tablet for your 3D modeling, graphics tablets are for uses of shortcuts and the use of pen helps to produce nicer lines on animation.

The jobs can be done with the use of your mouse but accuracy will be a trouble if wanna go for a detailed 3D animation. My wish is for you to have a graphics tablet if you’ve enough money.

Can You Use a Drawing Tablet With Blender?

A blender is a graphics design app and you can use a drawing tablet to do your drawing. A mouse can do whatever you need in your blender but perfect sculpting and texturing will be ensured by a drawing tablet.

Drawing tablet ready to let you do drawing faster with its shortcut keys and stylus.

What Equipments Do You Need For 3D Modeling?

  1. 3D modeling software will let you do 3D design.
  2. A computer with high configuration which contains huge RAM, best processor, Graphics Card.
  3. A point hoot camera with higher resolution will help you to take pictures for 3D modeling that can be converted easily.

Mouse vs Tablet, Which is Better For 3D Modeling?

A tablet is best for 3D modeling, though you can use a mouse for 3D modeling accuracy for sculpting and actual lines can be ensured by a drawing tablet besides that a tablet has special shortcut keys which are helpful for saving time. So it’s better g for a tablet if you have the budget.

What Is The Best Device For 3D Modeling?

3D modeling is now becoming popular worldwide for the view of reality, the designs created by the 3D model offer a real-life look on the output. It’s quite an impressive and tough task to do 3D modeling but it has a huge market for earning or exploring oneself as the best artist.

The best drawing tablet is quite helpful for getting the actual design in 3D, here I’ll let you know about the three best drawing tablets for modeling and you can go for one as your wish to have.

XP-PEN StarG640

A perfect replacement of a mouse that is eligible for all of the newest drawing applications like Adobe Photoshop, paint tool sai, illustrator, and more.

This XP-PEN StarG640 got a battery-free pen and has 20 replacement nibs that means whatever the size of your lines on drawing it can be done by one of the nibs, it’s a huge capacity of it.

The slimmest tablet feels easy to hold and carry that comes with only 2mm thickness, 6×4 inches of the active area has 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity. So each thought can get actual visuals on the display by this XP Tab.

Besides drawing, it can be used for business and education purposes as it can be used on office applications and able to use as a pen and paper.

XP-PEN StarG640 Digital Animation Tablet For Blender

Huion Inspiroy H950P

The Huion is one of the best brands for drawing tablets and you’ll feel it during drawing.

Huion H950P is the best of this brand for graphic design. This slim lightweight tablet is what a  designer needs with 8 shortcut keys for higher comforts.

Whatever the device OS is, it can cope with that I mean Android, Mac OS, and Windows all three operating systems are supported by this amazing tablet, connect by an OTG or USB cable and enjoy the drawing.

A battery-free stylus will remove your worry of being out of battery with having 2 express buttons, 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity. Every line will be better than before as your experience gets better.

HUION Inspiroy H950P Graphics Tablet For Blender

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Can you make 3D models with a mouse?

Yes, you can use your mouse for 3D modeling, in fact, some mice are customized only for 3D modeling, so you can use a normal one or a customizable mouse for a better experience in your job.

Does the blender need a drawing tablet?

The Blender is a graphic design app for designing and honestly, you don’t need a drawing tablet in the blender. Here drawing tablet has customized keys, stylus, and higher precision on lines which is for best accuracy on drawing, instead of a drawing tablet you can use a mouse too but perfection is matters.

Bottom Line

The best output can come from best efforts, while a mouse can do the same thing that can a graphics tablet too but it’s a true fact that a graphic tablet will provide you more generosity than a tablet.

So it’s up to you that what suits you more, my opinion goes for a graphics tablet for better 3D Modeling.

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