Do You Need a Drawing Tablet for Blender?

A drawing tablet is a most important gadget for the artist who wants to draw something on digital media like a tablet or PC, it helps to sketch, 3D modeling, graphics designing, and more related to drawing.

You are an artist who likes to draw 3D images or graphics design in Blender and you may have a question, do I need a drawing tablet for the blender? Or, can I draw without a drawing tablet?

In short, it is not important to use a drawing tablet for blender. You can use only a mouse in the blender for drawing purposes. However, a drawing tablet is better than a mouse whether a drawing tablet can utilize its pressure sensitivity.

Here blender is an App for drawing and it’s usable on tablets and PCs, it has lots of features for the artist to do their job smoothly on drawing.

Drawing tablet comes with a shortcut key and stylus which helps more than a tablet to do better in a short time. So it depends on whether you use a drawing tablet or not.

Do You Need a Drawing Tablet for Blender

Does a Blender Work With a Tablet?

Blender is a graphic design software and it has several versions for several devices like smartphones, tablets, and computers.

So I can assure you that blender works with tablets and you can choose from the different operating systems it has. Using a tablet with a blender instead of a PC will allow you more flexibility.

How Is A Drawing Tablet Used in Blender?

If you’re doing sculpting and texturing in the blender then it’ll be useful in the blender otherwise you can avoid it.

Everything can be done in the blender with the support of a mouse and if you like to go with a tablet then it’s your choice, the tablet may have some extra keys which is helpful for shortcut uses than the uses of a tablet in the blender.

What Tasks Do Not Benefit From a Drawing Tablet?

Almost every task does not get any benefit from a drawing tablet and the uses are up to you but you can get the help from it by hotkeys of the tablet and from the stylus besides that sculpting & texturing can be done by the tablet smoothly.

So if you do sculpting and texturing and also are willing to spend some money on a drawing tablet then you can go for one.

Is Wacom One Good For Blenders?

Yes, Wacom One is the best tablet for blenders. When lots of options are available in the market with a high price tag, Wacom makes it easier for users with a reasonable price and this one is a display tablet for drawing with a stylus.

It’s the best option for any beginner and if you’re a pro user then also ready to offer what one needs.

Can You Use a Drawing Tablet Without a Computer?

Yes, you can, drawing tablets don’t need any support from a computer. It does not matter that you’re a pro user or just a newbie, you can use your drawing tablet without a PC.

But a drawing tablet needs a display for knowing about the progress of work and for that you can connect your drawing tablet with your smartphone or tablet beside you can buy a drawing tablet which has its own display.

What Tablets Work With Blender?

Any drawing tablet or normal tablet can work with a blender. The Blender is a graphics software that has different versions for the different operating systems.

So you can buy any updated new tablets for blender and if you’re looking for a drawing tablet then almost every drawing tablet can be used on the blender for a better experience.

HUION Inspiroy H950P Drawing Tablet For Blender

Meet all your needs in a drawing tablet which you’re looking for, this is about the Huion Inspiroy H950P drawing tablet, and it’s a perfect match for blender too.

This amazing tablet is operated by Android and able to support your Windows or Mac PC and android smartphones and tablets.

The refresh rate and pen pressure level are most important for accurate drawing and this one has got 233PPS report rate with 5080 LPI pen resolution, so your drawing won’t let you down with this tablet.

As I said, the mouse can be used on your Blender app but you’ll feel comfortable with the 8 customizable buttons and the effective battery-free stylus is also active to make your job easier. The thickness and low weight lead it to feel comfortable during drawing.

HUION Inspiroy H950P Graphics Tablet For Blender

XP-PEN Deco Pro Digital Graphics Drawing Tablet For Blender 2.8

XP-PEN Deco Pro Digital Graphics Drawing Tablet For Blender 2.8

When a tablet wins several awards that means it has some specialty and that’s why it’s at the top. The XP-Pen Deco Pro is the award-winner tablet that comes to win your heart too with its capabilities.

This one isn’t like other tablets with some hotkeys, it has a new groundbreaking double wheel design paired with trackpad functionality and also has 8 hotkeys to improve your durability on jobs.

The tablet has 60 degrees of tilt function and the new pen supports 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity and virtually lag-free tracking, it’s all that an artist needs for perfection.

Major software for graphics design is supported by it, so besides blender other apps like Photoshop, Clip Studio and more are also usable with this best one.

XP-PEN StarG640 Digital Animation Tablet For Blender

A lightweight tablet can be a favorite one if you’re a traveler or want to complete drawing in a portable way then this tablet is for you at a size of 6×4 inches with 0.4 pounds only. It’s also compatible with android, mac, and windows.

Every pro app you can use with this best tablet and the XP-PEN of it has advanced features than other tablets.

The pen has a one-click toggle to switch between pen and eraser which means you can instantly correct yourself.

Enjoy more fun by replacing nibs with huge options of 20 nibs, replace what suits you most, and enjoy sketching/drawing.

Besides drawing, it’s able to be used for business purposes like web conferencing, e-learning, Microsoft office apps, and more.

One thing is that it’s now able to run by Chromebook too and having perfection than a mouse is sweeter when jobs get the enjoyment.

XP-PEN StarG640 Digital Animation Tablet For Blender


May our lives become digital by the grace of gadgets but the feel of realistic uses always be at the top and the drawing tablet is one of them.

We can feel the use of a pen and paper by a drawing tablet and if it can help one in drawing then why not, like blender app can be used by a drawing tablet and it helps more than a mouse.

The final word doesn’t need a drawing tablet for using a blender app but it can maximize the drawing level.

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