Can Graphics Tablets Work With Laptops?

The laptop is named for its portability. Around the world, almost all the graphic designers used computers for creating their though by graphic designs and everything is getting updated that’s why designers include graphic tablets to be well in this sector.

All the graphic tablets are born to work desktop computers and laptops. A graphic tablet is able to connect with a laptop by USB port or Bluetooth and the laptop may need to install an app of graphic tablet that’s all to use a graphic tablet with laptops.

Can Graphics Tablets Work With Laptops

Types of Drawing Tablets

There are Three Types of drawing tablets available on the market and they are :

Digitizer Tablet

The digitizer pen tablets come like a slate with a pen, it works by connecting with the device you want to work with, like a laptop or desktop computer.

This tablet needs the help of a screen to know what exactly you’re drawing at the output. These digitizer tablets can be the best drawing tablet for laptops.

Drawing Tablet with Monitor

Everything gets updated and drawing tablets too. Monitor tablets are the best creations of the drawing sector. It lets the artist draw on the tablet itself as it doesn’t need any help from an extra monitor.

By the way, if you want it can be connected to your computer too, so a drawing tablet with a screen is better to keep always yourself from the desk.

Tablet PC

When you’re a pro user of drawing or graphic design and want all the facilities in one device then Tablet PC is for you, tablet PC used a detachable touch screen.

It used a touch screen, use the pen to draw on the screen of the computer, you can remove the display and after use, it can be attached on its place again. I can say it’s a better option to have all in one if you’ve enough money to buy.

Which Drawing Tablets Are Better for Laptops?

You’re having a laptop and you’re looking for a drawing pad for that, so it should be better to go with the best drawing tablet for a laptop.

People use laptops for their portability that’s why a low-weight drawing tablet with the best features to draw perfectly is my first choice and here I’m listing two drawing tablets for you that is better for a laptop user.


Simplicity is the key to giving full attention to the work and having exact features that let one what needs to do, here HUION H420 is what I’m saying in this line.

The HUION H420 gained only 0.29 pounds which is better to carry and hold. This amazing tablet is run by USB connectivity, connect it with your laptop USB port and explore your imagination on the tablet.

The tablet is compatible with newly updated Graphics apps like Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel Painter, 3D Max, ZBrush, and more, so relax about worrying about compatibility.

The tablet and pen got express keys to finish the jobs in a short time. There are three shortcut keys on the tablet for saving the current page and the pen has two keys. You can scroll by the middle pen keys except using the mouse.

It is supported by Windows XP-10, you can go for it easily because of its cheap rate and high features.

Best Value Drawing Tablet Under $100 - HUION H420

Wacom Intuos CTL4100

Here, Wacom Intuos CTL4100 is one of the finest drawing tablets for laptops. It’s operated by Chrome OS and supported all the operating systems you want to use in Windows, Chrome, Android, and Mac. The connectivity options are also high as it supports USB-A, USB-C, and OTG.

Only 7 inches of size got the point of mobility with a laptop that’s why it’s here and also for the value of money with great features.

It contains 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity to confirm accurate control and precision when it’s on the field of drawing. 

Wacom lets the priority of the user first that’s why it has customizable express keys and can be set up the tab for lefty and righty users easily.

Besides of highest features, Wacom offers free uses of some paid graphics apps, enjoy them and explore your creativities.

Wacom Intuos Graphics Drawing Tablet For Blender 3D

Which Drawing Tablets Are Not Good for Laptops?

As you know there are three types of drawing tablets available and the drawing tablets with a display aren’t worth the money for laptops as they are too pricey and the laptop also has its own portability. 

Here is one drawing tablet to show that it’s not good for laptops as an example so that you can compare it with other tablets.

XP-PEN Artist12 Pro

This XP-PEN Artist12 Pro is a drawing pen display tablet with a battery-free stylus. It’s a display tablet and also has a huge size of body of 11.6-inches which is too much for mobility during use.

The weight of this drawing device is 1.5 kg that means the weight is also high to use on your hand, you’ve to keep it on the desk, attached with the desk for a long time won’t be a good choice when you’re a laptop user.

People are moving forward with the latest technologies and this one is far behind with wire connectivity by using the USB connection.

The surface of this device is also poor and only supports 60 degrees of tilt function. There are no customizable keys on the pen and extra nibs for the finest drawing based on different needy lines.

At last, I can assure you that this tablet isn’t worth for the price to use with a laptop. Better to go for the other best drawing tablet or with our suggestion.

Best Graphics Tablet For Lightroom - XP-PEN Artist15.6 Pro

What Are the Best Alternatives for Drawing Tablets and Laptops?

Humans are always looking for alternatives for doing best in their jobs and this is also for drawing laptops. The users want a device that can fully fill their needs of a drawing tablet and a laptop at the same time and that can only be possible by a tablet.

There are lots of new laptops available on the market with detachable displays. They can be used as a drawing tablet and laptop. But the best one is best among all the devices on the market and it’s all about the Apple iPad Pro.

Apple iPad Pro

The iPad Pro is the best alternative to a drawing tablet and a laptop. It can be used as a drawing tablet with its own Apple Pencil and can be used as a laptop as it is operated by iPad OS.

Apple Pencil will be with it to support you on every stroke to pull out your imagination on the screen. Though it sold separately but is worth the price.

The iPad can be turned into a laptop with Magic Keyboard and Smart Keyboard Folio and an extra mouse too.

With the metallic build quality, strongest security system, liquid retina display for warm eye, and excellent camera, you won’t be able to find on any other tablet for an alternative to a tablet and a laptop.

How Do I Connect My Drawing Pad to My Laptop?

There are different types of drawing tablets available and they have different types of connecting systems to a laptop computer, so it depends on your drawing tablet connecting method.

Here I’m describing some types of connectivity system and they are,

Wired connectivity: Wired connectivity system uses USB or OTG system.

Wireless Connectivity: This system uses Bluetooth and Bluetooth dongle system use as a bridge between the drawing pad and laptop.

So have a look before buying your drawing tablet which connectivity system do you prefer most. I prefer a wireless system for the mobility of use.

Can a Wacom tablet be used with a laptop?

Wacom drawing tablet supports Windows 7 to Windows 10 which means the Wacom tablet is suitable for laptops. 

Can I use my Wacom tablet on multiple computers?

Wacom offers software to install twice. So if you’ve two computers, you can install it on both which means the Wacom drawing tablet can be used on multiple computers.

Do drawing tablets work with Chromebooks?

You can use a drawing tablet with Chromebooks if it supports Chrome operating system.

Bottom Line

It’s clear that you can do your drawings on your laptop with a support of a graphics tablet. As you’re a tablet user, you should be focused on portability and for that take a lower-weight drawing tablet with the exact features you need to draw.

As much as you can practice or finish your jobs in the drawing sector, as much as you’ll be able to broaden your skills. So enjoy and explore digital art.

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