Can a Wacom Tablet Works With a Chromebook?

If you’re the one who needs something portable, Chromebooks are the way to go. They’re compatible and light. For those who travel frequently, these are a must-have accessory.

The ability to construct complex forms is enhanced by using a drawing tablet. For people looking for new ways to work from home, Chromebooks have been drawing attention from both the education and business sectors.

Wacom is currently trying to enhance Chromebook compatibility to include additional Wacom devices and provide its intuitive and natural pen technology to a rapidly expanding number of Chromebook users.

Chromebook owners interested in sketching on their Chromebook need to find out whether or not a drawing tablet is compatible with their device before they can get started.

Keep reading this article to know if a Wacom tablet works with a Chromebook or not.

Can a Wacom Tablet Work With a Chromebook

How Can a Wacom Tablet Work With a Chromebook?

The Wacom Intuos Small non-wireless variant works flawlessly with any Chromebook that has USB-A ports and the most recent version of Chrome OS. A driver is not necessary.

The battery-free EMR technology and 4,096 pressure levels in the ergonomically built Wacom Pen make it a great choice for artists and designers on the road.

The responsive, ergonomic, pressure-sensitive pen provides a natural method to write, doodle, draw, or edit information on a dedicated tablet space.

Additionally, the Wacom Intuos is an excellent way to get started with digital creative on a Chromebook.

An Intuos purchase includes a free three-month trial subscription to Clip Studio Paint Pro, which is a powerful, easy-to-use drawing app for comics and manga.

The Wacom Intuos Small non-wireless variant is supported on Chrome OS, Windows, Mac, and select Android smartphones.

On-screen pens based on the Universal Stylus Initiative (USI) pen standard, which either come with the Chromebooks or may be purchased as extras, will not conflict with the dedicated tablet surface’s Wacom technology.

Can You Use a Drawing Tablet With a Chromebook?

When you insert a drawing tablet into a Chromebook, it will start operating, but it won’t work to its fullest capacity.

The drawing tablet will only act as a mouse, and not as a drawing tablet should. Drawing tablets and Chromebooks don’t mix well, for the following reasons:

These laptops are both lightweight and inexpensive. As a rule, Chromebooks have about 4 GB of RAM, which isn’t enough to run graphical apps like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

Because of the Chromebook’s lack of RAM, most programs won’t run at their full capabilities. Many drawing tablet manufacturers do not support Chromebooks due to their limited RAM.

Who Should Use The Drawing Tablets With Chromebooks?

If you already own a Chromebook and wish to use a drawing tablet, you should check out our following section, where we cover some Wacom tablets that work with Chromebooks.

Even if you have a drawing tablet and are willing to buy a Chromebook to utilize it with, we don’t recommend it. Your drawing tablet isn’t the only thing you can use with your Chromebook.

For advanced graphics design, you can use Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop with a drawing tablet, even if you have a laptop.

Who should Use The Wacom Intuos Tablet with a Chromebook?

You may get the Wacom Intuos drawing tablet for Chromebooks if you’d want to use a drawing tablet.

An inexpensive tablet can aid you with your drawing needs on a Chromebook. A drawing tablet that doesn’t support pressure-sensitive sketching should be avoided at all costs.

The Wacom Intuos drawing tablet runs on Chrome OS and is a reasonable and capable alternative to more expensive models.

It will be possible to use the drawing tablet to complete little activities on your Chromebook thanks to this functionality.

The drawing tablet choices offered by Huion and XP-Pen are affordable, but Chrome OS does not support them at all. Only Windows and Mac systems can use these drawing tablets.

Bottom Line

There is a Google-created operating system known as Chrome OS, which is based on the Chrome web browser.

As a result, most Chrome OS devices only support web programs and cannot be configured to run drivers for drawing tablets like Wacom.

Drawing on older Wacom tablets may be possible with limited pen support on Chromebooks, depending on the model.

The older Wacom tablets will still let you draw, but you won’t be able to use the pressure sensitivity, touch input, or tablet Express keys.

After reading this piece, you now know that a drawing tablet and a Chromebook do not mix. The Wacom manufacturers are working with Google on a solution in the future, but as of right now, there is no Chrome OS support for Wacom devices.

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