10 Best Tablets For Blender in 2022 – Best For 3D Sculpting

The use of graphics is increasing in media like the use of illustrations and animation day by day.  Drawing on a PC is becoming easier than drawing on paper because there are lots of options available to complete your drawing.

Besides drawing on a PC, a tablet and pen can be more effective for easy drawing and also for pulling out the best drawing from the inside. Here, in this article, I have listed the best tablet for blender 3D design and sculpting in Zbrush.

Best Tablet for blender

Types of Drawing Tablets

There are three types of drawing tablets on the market. They are different from one another in their features but similar for drawing, it depends on which is more suitable for a blender or Zbrush user.

Digitizer Pen Tablet

A digitizer pen tablet is a device like a slate, it needs to connect to a computer via a cable, after connecting it, I used this tablet as an additional mouse and I can draw on it with the pen.

This type of tablet has its own pen and the tablet supports pressure sensitivity by which I draw on the tablet with the pen and it’ll show the output of your drawing on the monitor of your PC.

These tablets need to focus on the monitor while drawing and if my hand doesn’t cover the image as I draw.

Monitor Tablet

Monitor tablets are an updated version of the Digitizer tablet. It has its own monitor that I can show the output of my drawing on the monitor, which means it didn’t need the help of a computer monitor.

These tablets also have a stylus for drawing and after drawing, you can transfer them to your PC or other devices or clouds easily as I did without any issue.

The price of a Monitor Tablet is comparatively higher. These tabs are like traditional paper pens as I look at my hand while I was drawing.

Tablet PC

Actually, this is a PC but you can use it as a tablet because of its touch screen and its detachable from the keyboard. 

This type of PC is starting its journey recently and they support pen pressure sensitivity and can use for drawing that’s why it’s in the category of drawing tablets.

It’s much more expensive than other tablets but I can say that it’s all in one because I’ve used it as a computer too and a computer is better than a tablet, I think you can realize that.

Best Tablets For Blender – Top 10 Picks For 2022

01. HUION Inspiroy H950P Graphics Tablet For Blender

HUION Inspiroy H950P Graphics Tablet For Blender
  • Active Area: 8.7×5.4-Inch
  • Supported Operating System: Android 6.0
  • Pen Pressure Levels: 8192
  • Tilt Recognition: ±60 degrees
  • Connectivity: Micro USB
  • Pen Type: Battery-Free Stylus
  • Weight: 497g

First, I’m starting with a budget-friendly drawing tablet for blender and this is the Huion Inspiroy H950P. Whether you’re a newbie or experienced, it’ll be there for you to create your image perfectly.

This tablet is easy to connect to your smartphones, tablets, or PC, and an advanced controlling system is also easier to handle during drawings.

As you’re buying to connect to your other devices so you’ve to keep in mind the compatibility, it’s compatible with Android 6.0 or above, Windows 7 or above.

I couldn’t use this drawing device on an iPad (iOS), Samsung note series isn’t able to show the cursor but it worked except Note Series.

Controle management is most important and it’s good at this because of the Tilt control system, the Pen pressure is 8192 levels and was able to let me use an accurate cursor at different angles which means the feeling of real drawing on a paper is ready in this tablet.

The perfection depends on perfect accuracy, 233 PPS response rate, and 5080 LPI resolution making it at a high level of line and color accuracy.

For making this tablet easier to use, there are 8 express buttons available, just customized them as I preferred and explore them.

The Pen is also great, 8 different pen nibs are for different uses and it can use up to 60° tilting function, you don’t need to charge it so extra bucks for the battery will be saved, and hassle-free use is also ensured.

  • The price is reasonable
  • 8 different nibs let me draw accurately
  • 8 customizable buttons
  • Battery-free stylus
  • Won’t support at iPad
  • The cursor won’t appear on Samsung devices

02. HUION Inspiroy H640P Graphics Drawing Tablet For Blender

HUION Inspiroy H640P Graphics Drawing Tablet For Blender
  • Active Area: 6.3×3.9-Inch
  • Supported OS: Android, Mac & Windows
  • Pen Pressure Levels: 8192
  • Connectivity: OTG & USB cable
  • Pen Type: Battery-Free Stylus
  • Weight: 0.5 lbs

The Huion Inspiroy H640P is the cheapest drawing tablet for blender 3D from Huion and it’s supported by Android, Mac, and Windows.

An extra OTG is needed to support your android device’s version of 6.0 or above. This drawing tablet is very slim and lightweight to carry, easy use makes it more comfortable for kids and beginners.

I used it for my business and study purposes, it’s a complete package for drawing 3D in the blender and other digital works.

This tablet has Digital Pen PW100 that features 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity and 5080 LPI resolution.

There is no lag in this pen and I got ultimate precision and control, 8 different nibs, and battery-free uses also make me happy. There are 2 buttons on the pen too for express keys and the holder is for keeping it back safely.

For comfortable and fastest uses, a shortcut key is very important and this drawing device has 6 keys for that and all of them are customizable. If you’re lefty or righty that doesn’t matter, you can handle it.

So I’m assuring you that you can do your drawing in the blender, sketching, and Photo/Video editing at your best.

  • This device is small and light to use
  • Good drawing experience
  • Customizable buttons
  • A bit on the small size
  • Wired connection
  • Need extra OTG for connecting with other devices

03. GAOMON S620 Graphics Tablet For Blender Sculpting

GAOMON S620 Graphics Tablet for blender sculpting
  • Active Area: 6.5 x 4 Inches
  • Supported OS: Android, Mac & Windows
  • Pen Pressure Levels: 8192
  • Tilt Recognition: 180 degrees
  • Connectivity: Micro USB
  • Pen Type: Battery-free Stylus
  • Weight: 0.25 Kilograms

Whatever the purpose of using this tablet is like all in one, you may go to buy a tablet for your blender sculpting purposes but this one is also usable for work on excel, word, pdf, ppt and also for educational sectors.

An artist wants to draw his best, besides one’s own talent, the best quality tablet can play a vital role in this sector, as this GAOMON S620 tablet offers the best drawing, sketching, 3D artwork, and graphics design, animation experiences.

For improving drawing and removing workloads, this blender-compatible tablet got 4 express keys and they can be set as one wishes to have more functions by the press on them.

If you’re a nature lover like me and want to carry it towards nature, it offers the best with portability and lightweight. The perfection will be ensured by this best tablet for blender through the 266 PPS report rate and 5080 LPI resolution in a 6.5 x 4-inch active area.

The sensitivity of the pen is as accurate as the need to draw on paper, a battery-free pen keeps out the hassle of battery problems, 8192 high-level pen pressure will back to the output with natural lines and 4 express keys can do best as wished.

A little pack with enough ability got the higher line.

  • Compatible with Mac, Windows & Android
  • Pen & Tab has extra customizable keys
  • Humanized design to keep it stable during work
  • Doesn’t support Google OS
  • No eraser at the pen

04. Wacom Intuos Graphics Drawing Tablet For Blender 3D

Wacom Intuos Graphics Drawing Tablet For Blender 3D
  • Active Area: 6 x 3.7-Inches
  • Supported OS: Android, Mac, Windows, ChromeOS
  • Pen Pressure Levels: 4096
  • Connectivity: USB-A, USB-C, OTG
  • Pen Type: Battery-free Stylus
  • Weight: ‎0.634 ounces

This black drawing device is placed in my mind because of its cheap price and other offers.

Besides free services, the blender tablet capacity is also important and in this path is also a cool tablet. Wacom Intuos Graphics Drawing Tablet (CTL4100)  has 4096 Levels of Pressure Sensitivity which lets me control static control and precision during drawing.

When other drawing tablets didn’t offer Chrome OS then Wacom offers this OS too. Wacom has 35 years of experience in producing and updating their Digital Pens, this Pen is a 4K pressure-sensitive pen that delivers an exact pen experience.

The stylus doesn’t need the support of a battery and has 2 express keys and the tab has 4. Whatever the port of your device is, it supports USB-A & USB-C or OTG can be used.

  • Higher 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity
  • Compatible with Google OS
  • Offer some Free Pro Graphics Apps
  • The pen may little tilt
  • Mediocre connectivity

05. Wacom One Graphics Display Tablet For Blender

Wacom One Graphics Display Tablet For Blender
  • Active Area: 13.3-Inches
  • Supported OS: Android, Mac, Windows & ChromeOS
  • Pen Pressure Levels: 4096
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080 Pixels
  • Tilt Recognition: 60°
  • Connectivity: USB-C, OTG
  • Pen Type: Battery-free Stylus
  • Weight: 120g

This time is for a creative display drawing tablet, the Wacom DTC133W0A brought this for the amateur artists, note-takers, and doodlers, and it’s also the cheaper display tab from this brand.

When non-display tabs have come at a small size, this one comes with a 13.3-inch of bigger display that’s perfect for a blender app user.

The display got HD/1080P resolution and advanced hyper-viewing angle technology with IPS technology. The thick matte-black bezels and weight of 2.2 pounds are simple to carry here and there.

The pen pressure sensitivity is also impressive for this best tablet for 3D modeling as it has 4092 levels of pressure sensitivity.

The tablet is designed with a four-way adapter cable system, through this system this tab can connect to a PC, smartphone, or TV screen. It’s able to run on Windows 7 or later and Android phones, Mac, and Chromebook.

Drawing apps are perfectly compatible with this tablet-like Adobe Photoshop, blender, and more apps you want to use. It’s quite good for entry-level or professional users, I assure you to have everything you need on a tablet.

  • Easy for the beginners
  • Comfortable with basic stylus
  • Low price than other Wacom tabs
  • No multi-touch available (finger)
  • No shortcut keys
  • The matte screen protector is a little intrusive

06. XP-PEN Deco Pro Digital Graphics Drawing Tablet For Blender 2.8

XP-PEN Deco Pro Digital Graphics Drawing Tablet For Blender 2.8
  • Active Area: 9 x 5 Inches
  • Supported OS: Android, Mac, Windows
  • Pen Pressure Levels: 8192
  • Tilt Recognition: 60 degrees
  • Connectivity: USB-C
  • Pen Type: Battery-free Stylus
  • Weight: 3.21 pounds

A budget-friendly tablet for 3D sculpting with exclusive needy features must be the top priority and this XP-Pen Deco Pro is what I was looking for on a lower budget. I consider it with Wacom and this tablet is about one-third the price.

The drawing experience is superior but in software drivers, it’s a little janky. The Pen is also good enough at 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity. The 9×5 inch large active area is for the user to have a larger area to feel comfortable with a digital tablet.

As a professional designer, I got higher features in it with its groundbreaking double wheel interface paired with trackpad functionality and 8 short-cut keys were also there to improve my experience.

Everything that I needed is all in this best XP-Pen tablet for blender sculpting and I was glad to know that it got the Red Dot Design Award in 2019 & Good Design Award in 2018.

  • Value for money
  • Strong build quality
  • Groundbreaking double wheel interface along with 8 express keys
  • Software a little janky
  • Not supported on iPad/iPhone iOS

07. XP-PEN StarG640 Digital Animation Tablet For Blender

XP-PEN StarG640 Digital Animation Tablet For Blender
  • Active Area: 6 x 4 Inches
  • Supported OS: Windows, Mac, ChromeOS, Linux
  • Pen Pressure Levels: 8192
  • Pen Type: Battery-free Stylus
  • Connectivity: USB
  • Weight: 0.4 Pounds

If you’re looking for an animation tablet for a blender at a lower price similar to Wacom CTL4100 in design then you can buy XP-Pen StarG640, it’s well designed and made of strong build quality, and also feels easy to carry.

Your creativity can be shown on 6×4-inch of the active area, your work will be fine without any because of shortcut buttons, there are no shortcut buttons in it. You can buy it, especially if you’re a new user, with this tablet you can enlarge your creativity easily as it is easy to use.

The stylus that comes with this drawing tablet is battery-free within the package and features 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity, I get variations in each line as needed to show my drawing.

Lag-free action is most important during the draw, the slate features 266 Report Rate Speed which is truly accurate.

Besides these valuable options compatibility is also important if it’s not compatible with your device then money can’t get the worth, it is a nicer tablet for blender sculpting that is supported by Adobe, Autodesk across windows, and Mac platforms.

The price is low enough to buy for me and the features are enough to use.

  • No driver needs to use
  • Have Pen-Eraser Toggle
  • Small and slim easy to carry
  • It may feel hard to draw on the small size
  • No express keys

08. Wacom Cintiq 22 Drawing Tablet For 3D Modeling in Blender

Wacom Cintiq 22 Drawing Tablet For 3D Modeling in Blender
  • Active Area: 18.7 x 10.5 inches
  • Supported OS: Mac, Windows
  • Pen Pressure Levels: 8192
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels
  • Connectivity: USB, HDMI
  • Pen Type: Battery-free Stylus
  • Weight: 1.5 Kilograms

If your budget is high and if you want a pen display tablet for 3D modeling in blender then this tab is for you.

The Wacom Cintiq creative pen display is a perfect pack that shows my drawing on the display. It’s necessary to update my experience to the next level and this tablet got that point to create seamless interaction between pen and display to increase my skill and I feel like drawing on paper.

The vivid display shows me HD clarity with the touch of Pro Pen which offers 22 natural drawing experiences, I have shown them on my screen and take each needy steps I needed besides that I can connect it with the computer screen through HDMI and USB cables.

Exact control and precision of pen strokes are necessary for each line and thanks to Wacom for the best pen for 3D sculpting that this pen has 2 features one is 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity and another is low actuation force. The pen used Electro-Magnetic Resonance technology to avoid the help of the battery.

The full HD display contains 1920 x 1080 pixels and 16.7 million colors for use and seeing them clearly and all the updated popular apps are also supported on it.

  • Full HD large display
  • accurate colors
  • A stable design with a rubber grip makes it easy to hold
  • Not easily portable
  • No finger touch
  • Max brightness on the low side

09. Wacom PTH660 Intuos Pro Digital Graphic Drawing Tablet For Blender Linux

Wacom PTH660 Intuos Pro Digital Graphic Drawing Tablet For Blender Linux
  • Active Area: 8.7 x 5.8 Inches
  • Supported OS: Mac, Windows
  • Pen Pressure Levels: 8192
  • Tilt Recognition: 60 Degrees
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, USB
  • Pen Type: Battery-free Stylus
  • Weight: 1.54 Pounds

Wacom Intuos Pro PTH660 is a super-slim tablet to use for blender 3D design in 3 sizes; large, medium, and small according to the demand of artists. I’m happy that it also varies with money.

Whatever the size is, all of them have the same quality and features, it comes with premium material and footprint and fully metals back. I feel premium with the look and for its best materials. You can say it’s a high-end tablet for designing 3D in blender and features.

Your portability will be at your wish because of its size and wireless connectivity, just connect with your phone/tablet or on the PC via Bluetooth connection.

Wired connectivity is also available with a USB interface. So when others have only wired connections it’s rich in this section, hope you get that.

The tablet has a large active area and it has multi-touch gestures to speed up your workflows like express keys, radial menus, and pen switches, you can use the Pro pen too (sold separately).

The pro pen offers 8192 presser level and battery-free use, tilt response rate, and lack of free tracking will provide you with actual control overdrawing.

It’s compatible with new drawing apps like blender and after registration, you’ll have some free use of Premium apps like Boris FX Suite, Adobe Premiere Pro & Adobe after effects.

  • Easy to carry even the larger version
  • Wireless Bluetooth connectivity will make you feel free to use
  • The stylus has an extra stand and extra nibs
  • Support multi-touch finger gestures
  • Some might find there to be a steep learning curve
  • The surface sheet is rough
  • Very slow nibs

10. HUION H610 Pro V2 Graphic Drawing Tablet For Blender 3D

HUION H610 Pro V2 Graphic Drawing Tablet For blender 3D
  • Active Area: 10×6.25 inches
  • Supported OS: ChromeOS, Android, Windows, Mac
  • Pen Pressure Levels: 8192
  • Tilt Recognition: 60°
  • Connectivity: USB, OTG
  • Pen Type: Battery-Free Stylus
  • Weight: 1.35 pounds

Huion H610 Pro V2 is one of the best budget-friendly drawing tablets for blenders which supports Android, Windows, and Mac, so you can use all of them.

During drawing, comfort is most important because of attentiveness and this tablet is a complete package to give you its best.

It comes with a free battery stylus, so you won’t worry about running out of battery and a large drawing area also allows you to feel comfortable drawing.

This animating tablet comes generously with a familiar design, is lightweight to carry, and is large enough active area beside this support you’ll have 16 soft keys in the device and all of them can be customized & 2 keys are also available in the pen, installation guide will let you know about keys customization.

This Huion H610 Pro V2 is totally compatible with new devices like Windows 7 and above, Mac 10.11 or later but unfortunately iPhone & iPad isn’t supported and the cursor isn’t showing on the Samsung Note series.

All the major software you want to use is supported by this 3D drawing tablet and they are Photoshop, illustrator, Mega studio, Zbrush, Blender, Gimp, and more.

It’s the best pack for your drawings with the best stylus that pen holder and 8 different nibs with 8192 level of pressure, the best display can say because of 5080 LPI in resolution and 233RPS in reading rate which is always active to provide accurate and natural drawing experience.

  • User friendly and portable
  • Stylus and display is best for accurate and natural drawings
  • Cord-free drawing and customizable keys
  • Too basic for Pro users
  • Don’t support on iPad and iPhone

What To Look For When Buying The Best Tablet For Blender

From the past to the 21st-century people used to use pen/pencil on paper to create their thoughts on paper as an artist but now everything is becoming digital, from beginner to pro artist, everyone uses a computer or their smartphone/tabs for drawing.

The best creation can be done easily with the help of a drawing tablet and for that, you must have some knowledge about the tablet you’re going to buy. So have a look at the features of a drawing tablet for Blender.

Active Area

The active area means the area of the tablet which will be active by the pen during drawing. The small one has a small area and the larger one has a larger area. It depends on your hand. In my opinion, larger areas are good for drawing in Blender freely.


A tablet isn’t for laying on the desk all time, you may hold it in your hand or may need to carry it in your backpack, so the weight must be noticeable. It might be 1kg of weight or some bit more or on your capacity.


Some tablets have their own display and some aren’t but the help of an external device is a must for sharing your creations and also for other purposes at least, so your drawing tablet must have the compatibility to connect with your device.

Here all of them are able to connect with Android, Windows, and Mac devices so you can go for them but some aren’t for iPad & iPhones, so you can avoid them.


A drawing tablet to use blender needs to connect with other needy devices and for that connection, the system is most important, max tablets have come with a wired connection and a few are wireless.

Here I prefer wireless connectivity mostly because of portability. If it has a wired connection then you’ve too stuck with the wire and may feel disturbed for mobility.


A huge RAM is the certificate of lag-free use, at least 4GB+ RAM can ensure the best experience of drawing in Blender.


The pen is used to draw on the device and an artist knows best the importance, it must be wireless, battery-free, and effective pressure sensitive. Besides them, some offer extra nibs and it is good to go for extra according to needs.


The most useful and effective technology for drawing tablets is Electro-Magnetic Resonance (EMR), this technology is used to stabilize each line on the surface of the tab and help to create the exact footage.


As much high resolution of a tablet as much the picture will be good. Make sure that, at least 5080 LPI is best for a tablet.

Extra keys

Extra keys help to work faster as they’re used to shortcut users, some tablets have a few and some are more, if the keys are customizable that will be awesome then you can set them according to your need.

Some pens also come with extra keys when you can go faster with the help of a key then why not choose your tablet and pen with extra keys. Keep in mind that they’re customizable.


Price is an issue for buying the best tablet for blender 3D, here I try my best to give you the suggestion of a cheap tablet with high features.

Tablets from the best brand will cost more but performances must be acceptable, the range of cheaper ones from here is less than $100. If you’re a newbie then go for a cheaper one otherwise you can pay more at your best.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Do You Need a Drawing Tablet for Blender?

It’s up to you to go for a drawing tablet for Blender because you can use your mouse too to use Blender. A drawing has some specialty for useful tasks easily on blender like requiring precision and it can utilize the tablet’s pressure sensitivity.

How Is A Drawing Tablet Used in Blender?

A blender is an open-source 3D computer graphics software for drawing animated films, visual effects, art, and 3D printed models.

Here the drawing tablet is an alternative to a mouse in the blender, you can use a mouse for drawing or you can also get help by using a drawing tablet. A drawing tablet used in blenders like pencil and paper and other advantages is also available and is also up to personal preference.

Final Words

An artist is known for his/her creation and now graphic designing, 3D modeling is becoming a popular profession for best earnings, and for that support of a drawing, a tablet is a must.

Blender is becoming the most popular software for drawings and you can get more help from a drawing tablet to create your best. Time is more precious than everything and if you can save your time and put out the best from your inner self with the help of the best tablet for blender then why not take one from here?

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